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Having suffered for the majority of her life with extremely sensitive and dry skin, Grace Mae had to resort to natural products that would maintain moisture and fix skin issues without causing irritation in the process. What Grace did not realize was the same issues with her skin, was actually the plight of a majority of women of color. After receiving her MBA in 2015, Grace Mae decided to launch Graced Esthetics. 


Created by native New Yorker Grace Mae, Graced Esthetics all natural handmade products are formulated using the highest quality organic ingredients, free of parabens, sulfates, and fragrance. From  the most sensitive to the most rtroublesome skin, we have you covered! Graced Esthetics is ideal for those who desire style, beauty and Grace...naturally

Our products are enriched and loaded with ingredients that target major skin issues without damaging the integrity in the process. Our customer centric focus helps us to create products that are essential, not just popular.